Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society




Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society (P.A.L.S) was founded in 2015 to develop and promote spirit of fraternity among all members of Pakistani descent serving in Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States.


PALS' aim is to create a harmonious relationship between Law Enforcement Agencies and those whom we serve, people of the City of New York and the United States. PALS will serve as an instrument for open discussion and better understanding of Law Enforcement policies, striving for a safer community. PALS will also initiate and enhance contact between Pakistani youth and Law Enforcement Agencies, opening new horizons for a future in Law Enforcement.


Please join PALS in this remarkable endeavor to achieve a safer and brighter future for the Pakistani community.

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2920 Coney Island Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11235

c: (646) 389-0071


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